Knowledge and useful skills, based on the rich experience from 40 years of practising and teaching from Dr. Sankaran to bring you up to date with his current methods.

In this training Dr. Sankaran will demonstrate his entire theoretical knowledge on the basis of cases out of his practice. The ability to precisely analyse cases and prescribe remedies will be trained by using paper cases, which can be solved between the sessions and will then be discussed and illuminated together. In this way you will be able to recognise where you are making mistakes and how you can improve.

For all homeopaths who are involved in the practice as well as for those who are just starting out or are still in education.

Including Materia Medica, repertory, miasms, kingdoms, subclasses, superclasses, sensation, case taking, WISE-processes, meditation, music and other aspects of healing in one integrated whole. Room for questions and discussions.

Self-study between courses is highly recommended and guided with reference material, cases to solve, contact for arising questions

The training will be in English and simultaneously translated to German and French.

Friday morning 08.30-12.30 CET

15.01.2021 - Introductory session
05.02.2021 - Repertory
19.02.2021 - Art of case taking - Synergy and 8 box method
05.03.2021 - Levels
19.03.2021 - Miasms
02.04.2021 - Kingdom overview
16.04.2021 - Plant kingdom
30.04.2021 - Mineral kingdom
14.05.2021 - Animal kingdom
28.05.2021 - Acutes and their management
11.06.2021 - Art of follow up
25.06.2021 - WISE - Witnessing Inner Song Experience
09.07.2021 - Physician-Patient relationship workshop

Recordings will be available after each session in English, French and German for two weeks.


15.01.2021 - Introductory session

An overview of the course and the different elements which will be covered with a brief understanding of each. Cases will be discussed to illuminate the basic ideas of homeopathy and show the simplicity of its application in practice.
05.02.2021 – Repertory
One of the cornerstones of homeopathic practice yet one of the most misused tools. In this session we learn the importance of the repertory in solving cases and how it can be employed in an artistic and seamless manner.
19.02.2021 - Art of case taking - Synergy and 8 box method 
The art of case taking with the idea of synergy and the method of the 8-boxes will make the remedy prescription more exact, complete and deep. It means, to have a complete view of the case rather than a partial view. In this session you learn to look at all the aspects of the case giving you more confidence in your prescriptions and success in your practice.
05.03.2021 – Levels
Name, fact, emotion, delusion, sensation, energy and observer - these are the seven levels of experience. In this session you will learn to differentiate the levels and how to go deeper from one level to the next. The deeper we go, the closer we reach to the core experience of the patient. By treating the patient at the deepest level we are more assured of a gentle and permanent cure.
19.03.2021– Miasms
The miasm of the case represents the speed and intensity with which the vital sensation is experienced by the patient. In this session we see a contemporary understanding of the miasms bringing them to life and allowing their use to be practical and simple.
02.04.2021 – Kingdom overview
 Through the understanding of the various kingdoms represented in our Materia Medica we are able to get a better grasp on understanding the patient and how they experience the world. From this understanding we can see how their disease is manifested and how we can treat this diseased state through the simillimum. In this session we will have an overview of the various kingdoms and their features, using cases to highlight how to differentiate them.
16.04.2021 – Plant kingdom
With the themes of Sensitivity and Reaction we are better able to understand the patient who requires a remedy from the Plant kingdom. With a knowledge of the Plant Kingdom and the families which it comprises, finding the remedy becomes a painless task.
30.04.2021– Mineral kingdom
In this session the themes of structure and lack are fully explored along with a complete understanding of the periodic table and how it influences the Materia Medica, allowing for easy differentiation between the remedies and ensuring confidence in practice.

14.05.2021 – Animal kingdom
 Learn to identify in a case the themes of the animal kingdom as competition, comparison - top and bottom, strong and weak, hierarchy, fight for survival, reproduction, division, contradiction in will and attraction.
28.05.2021– Acutes and their management
An acute prescription can seem like a daunting task, in this session gain the skills to become confident in your prescriptions with basic approaches which show results and are easy to apply.
11.06.2021– Art of follow up
The first prescription is the easy one to make, but what do you do when it stops working or even worse shows no results at all in the follow up. This session highlights these various possibilities and how to tackle them.
26.06.2021 – WISE - Witnessing Inner Song Experience 
The logical, conscious mind does often not allow the patient to see the illogical or the unconscious within themselves. This process becomes much easier for the patients if they project their imagination on to something or someone else. The projection process helps the patients remove the focus from themselves, creating detachment. In the WISE processes we use particularly selected pictures for this process of projecting the imagination and detach the sensation from their own personality.  
09.07.2021 – Physician-Patient relationship workshop 
An important part of the homeopathic consultation is the patient education regarding what is expected from them in a consultation and in the ensuing treatment. Building this good patient rapport is a vital part of the practice and is an art in its own right. In this session you will learn how to communicate this to the patient and teach you how to maintain your practice throughout the turbulent stages of treatment. 

For 13 sessions and guidance in between the sessions
820 CHF / 760 Euro for students
890 CHF / 830 Euro for the member of HVS, SVANAH, SSMH, HOMEOBEL
960 CHF / 890 Euro full price
160 CHF / 150 Euro for translation

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