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Sabrina Holdener, Organiser

In 2008-2014 I trained as a homeopath at the Samuel Hahnemann School in Switzerland. When I first heard about the Sensation Method, my fascination was awakened and it was clear to me: this is my method. This is how homeopathy makes sense to me. And this love has only grown since then. I am deeply grateful to my teachers, through whom I was able to acquire a fundamental understanding and knowledge of this method: Urs Schrag, Mike Keszler, Annette Sneevliet, Rajan Sankaran and Jonathan Hardy.
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Joana Vogler, Administration and simultaneous translation German

Hi! I am Joana, and I am doing German translation for seminars with ASH and some others.
Recently I've also taken over a small part of the organizational work at ASH.
I am involved with homeopathy since 2009, the secret of resonance in life kept to be the great mystery I still wonder about.
To deepen the insights while enjoying to work in these seminars is a great pleasure!
Otherwise I am living on a little farm in Austria with the intention to transform it more and more into a self sustained space with a lot of lovely beings, plants, animals around, which keeps me busy as well.
With love and good vibes I hope we all make the world look like we want it to be!
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Petra Brockmann, Simultaneous translator German

Hi, my name is Petra, and my first contact with homeopathy (as a client) dates back to when I was a student in London ... therefore, I consider English to my homeopathic mother tongue :-) That is very helpful in my work as a translator (and homoeopath) - I enjoy translating all kinds of homeopathic seminars and webinars as I think that in that way, I can be a mediator and facilitator and help bring homeopathy into the world. That is something I really enjoy - as I generally enjoy being a bridge between people to help them know or understand something they don't know or understand yet.
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Catherine Bozonovi, Simultaneous French Translator

I was born in France but have lived in the Czech Republic since 1995. Why is that? Because I met my future husband, a Czech, in the last year of my studies in Germany. So I followed the path of the heart, which enabled me not only to become a happy mother of four children, but also to pursue my dream job as a teacher and gradually discover homeopathy, in which I trained first self-taught, then at the Faculty of Homeopathy in the Czech Republic and finally at the Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Slovakia. Since then I have been working with its director, Vladimir Petroci, who has become a friend and with whom I have travelled several times to France or Belgium to translate his seminars on the Scholten Method and then to give seminars together with him. I regularly translate the international webinars offered by the Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy into French and have also started teaching within the framework of this school.
Remigius Catewicz, Technician
Elodie Saelens, French simultaneous translator

Internationale Seminare

in systematischer Homöopathie

Modern medicine can be "an all-inclusive system. It can well include homeopathy, bio-chemistry and the latest nature-cures."

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