ASH Swiss

ASHswiss was founded in 2010 by Manuela Wettstein. Manuela has put her heart and soul into promoting the spread of systematic homeopathy and the Sensation Method in Switzerland.

She got to know this method in India and was fascinated by it.

The foundation of this academy was the vessel for her to first offer a one-year training in the Sensation Method with Dr. Sudhir Baldota in 2010 and then to hold regular live case seminars with Mike Keszler from Germany in Switzerland.

Unfortunately Manuela left us far too early. Her unexpected death on 18 January 2015 greatly affected all those who knew Manuela and attended training courses organized by her.

As a young homeopathy student, I regularly attended Mike Keszler's training courses and met Manuela there. Already in 2014 I was allowed to take over the organizational work together with Joana Vogler.

For a few years now I have taken over this task alone and I am very happy that Manuela's vision has been carried forward and that in the meantime more and more teachers of the Sensation Method are coming to Switzerland through various organizers and that the knowledge here about the Sensation Method and the teachings of Dr. Rajan Sankaran are spreading and deepening more and more.

Homeopathy, the networking of homeopaths, learning and passing on knowledge are a matter of concern to me.

Best regards,
Sabrina Holdener

Internationale Seminare

in systematischer Homöopathie

Modern medicine can be "an all-inclusive system. It can well include homeopathy, bio-chemistry and the latest nature-cures."


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