Dr. Rajan Sankaran ist ein weltweit bekannter homöopathischer Arzt, Denker, Lehrer und Entwickler homöopathischer Heilsysteme. Er ist bekannt für seine revolutionären Ideen und visionären Ansätze. Dr. Sankaran`s tiefe Einsichten hatten einen grossen Einfluss auf das Denken und Handeln der heutigen Homöopathen. Seine wichtigsten Beiträge zur Homöopathie beinhalten eine detaillierte Klassifikation der Heilmittel im Periodensystem der Minerale, wie auch seine Arbeit in der Klassifikation der Pflanzen und Tiere im Bezug auf die Homöopathie.
Die Vitalempfindung im Patienten zu finden ist ein entscheidender Aspekt der Empfindungsmethode. In diesem Zusammenhang spricht Dr. Sankaran über die sieben Ebenen  der Wahrnehmung im Menschen. 

Seine Ideen und Einsichten, und seine Art zu lehren und zu schreiben machen ihn weltweit zu einem beliebten Lehrer unter den Homöopathen. 

Er leitet „The other Song“, eine internationale Akademie für fortgeschrittene Homöopathie in Mumbai. Dr. Sankaran hat viele Bücher verfasst, von welchen eine Vielzahl in verschiedene Sprachen übersetzt wurden und Menschen auf der ganzen Welt  inspirieren.

  • Sankaran's Tabellen
  • Die Substanz der Homöopathie
  • Die Seele der Heilmittel
  • Das System der Homöopathie
  • Das Geistige Prinzip der Homöopathie
  • Die Empfindung in der Homöopathie
  • Einblicke ins Pflanzenreich - Band 1
  • Einblicke ins Pflanzenreich - Band 2
  • Einblicke ins Pflanzenreich - Band 3
  • Die Empfindung - Verfeinerung der Methode
  • Homöopathie für eine neue Welt
  • Struktur - Erfahrungen mit dem Mineralreich Band 1 und 2

Dr Rajan Sankaran is a world-renowned homeopathic physician, thinker, teacher and deviser of homeopathic healing systems. Known for his revolutionary ideas and visionary approach,
Dr. Sankaran’s deep insights have had a profound influence on the thinking and activities of today’s homeopaths. His important contributions to homeopathy include a detailed classification of remedies within the periodic system of minerals, as well as his work with the kingdoms and sub-classifications of plant and animal kingdoms in relation to homeopathy.
Finding a vital sensation in the client is a crucial aspect of the Sensation Method and, with regard to this, Dr Sankaran talks about the seven levels of experience within man.

His ideas and insights, and his style of teaching and writing, make him a popular teacher among homeopaths the world over. His seminars and lectures are presented in many countries worldwide, as well as in his homeland of India, which – thanks to Dr Sankaran’s reputation – is a favoured destination for homeopaths and considered a byword for advanced homeopathy. He heads The Other Song , International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy in Mumbai . 

Dr Sankaran has written many books, a great number of which have been translated into several languages and provide everyday inspiration to people all over the world. Here are just a few examples:
  • The Spirit of Homoeopathy
  • The Substance of Homoeopathy
  • The Soul of Remedies
  • The System of Homoeopathy 
  • The Sensation in Homoeopathy
  • An Insight into Plants (Vols 1, 2 and 3)
  • Sankaran’s Schema
  • Structure: Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom (Vols 1 and 2)
  • Sensation Refined
  • Survival: The Mollusc
  • Survival: The Reptile (Vols 1 and 2) 
  • The Synergy in Homoeopathy
  • The Art of Follow-Up

Dr. Rajan Sankaran:

Whatever we do has to be seen in the context of healing
Healing has several aspects to it:


We need address all of this areas. Also in the homeopathic way, in terms of AWARENESS

AWARENESS is the key

Are we getting more aware of ourselves?
Are we getting more aware of our body and what our body needs?
Are we getting aware of our mental patterns and how we react and respond to things and where we are stuck ?
Are we aware of our social being, as a part of of community of humans, and as a part of this planet?

Are we also see ourselves int he spiritual plane and dimension, not as body-mind but as a kind of universal consciousness
As being itself, as love itself
As awareness itself rather then somebody being aware of something or somebody loving something
Can we see ourselves as existence itself

This kind of all-round evolution is our way towards health on all levels

Are we getting better as human beings
Are we getting evolved as spiritual beings

Is more love coming into us, is more forgiveness coming into us, is more acceptance coming into us

Are people who come in contact with us more peaceful or silent in our presence

This is the measure of our own evolution in every way.
This is much broader than just finding a remedy

As a physician it is our responsibility to inculcate those things within us so that we can guide our patients also and people who come to us.

I can just repeat a very favorite quotation from the textbook of medicine by Dr. Harrison long ago. This sentence my father used to like a lot, it guided my life:

"No greater opportunity, responsibility or obligation can fall to the lot of a human being than to become a physician. In this he needs scientific knowledge, technical skill and human understanding. He who uses these with wisdom, with courage and humility, will provide a unique service for his fellowman and build an enduring edifice character within himself, the Physician should ask of destiny no more than this. He should be content with no less."

Ultimately how we evolve and what we can contribute is what we have to look at.